Artist Statement

My practice revolves around the transformative processes of ceramic. I see myself as an artist using clay, not as a replacement to paint but in its own right.

I started my journey with clay through a BA at Hertfordshire University in 2016. This coincided with dealing with a traumatic event in my own life, so this event became entwined with my work. The final output for my degree was focused on creating a body of work to encourage a dialogue with the viewer. I tried to capture what I felt were moments in time that represented the darkness and beauty that could coexist within at the same time, creating an internal conflict.

That human element is key in my practice and I followed through on this within my Masters at Staffordshire University. Exploring touch points, transitions and what it means to let go of control, which was also part of my healing process. I did this through experimentation with materials and processes. Allowing the processes and the materials natural characteristics to determine the outcomes. Learning to give up control, to align with the moments in time of each process, as I had learnt to live in the moment of my life.

Exhibitions and Collections

British Ceramics Biennial 2021

Selected for Fresh at British Ceramics Biennial 2021. Fresh showcases 25 emerging artists in contemporary ceramics in the UK and Ireland.

Photography by Jenny Harper courtesy of British Ceramics Biennial