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The Anxiety of Interdisciplinarity

Acknowledging interdisciplinarity as a potential site of ambivalence, tension or a fertile ground for exploration and experimentation, International artists in this exhibition respond to this provocation.  Motivated by the Impact 12 International Printmaking Conference theme ‘Merging and Metamorphosis’, the exhibition aims to trace the metamorphosis of conversations between disciplines, work and within the exhibition spaces.

Traces of Pathways (2020)

Short film + A4 photographs

The work was produced under lockdown constraints. Having no kiln, next to no clay and just a small kitchen and garden to work with Corinna was forced to look at the experimentations she had been doing in a different light. Her daily walks became part of the work along with found objects and chemical reactions, utilising time and the weather in place of a kiln.


This moved the physical working into the realms of sculpture but her practice into a more reflective one questioning what the actual output should be, and how that related to ceramics. The final output became photographs and film capturing the transformations during, and the traces left behind after destroying the sculptures.

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